About the Courses

Horses are intelligent animals who can problem solve, figure out what we are asking of them and get the best out of presented opportunities. What we sometimes find is that their intelligence needs encouragement to surface and become apparent.

These courses aim not only to uncover your horses amazing problem solving abilities. They will also create a wonderful relationship with your horse that has its foundations in mutual trust and respect.

You will learn how to create a safe and nurturing environment for your horse to learn in. You will also learn how to be a more effective teacher for your horse by becoming a better communicator accelerating you and your horses learning speed.

These courses aim to achieve a relationship with your horse where you know your horse is with because they want to be with you.

With kind permission from Alexandra Kurland, these courses follow The Click That Teaches series of books and DVDs.

Live Online Q&A with Amanda Martin

Take advantage of the unique opportunity that The Clicker Training College brings to you by signing up for 6 live online chats (one per fortnight) with Amanda and 2 video assessments of your practical work to help you advance through the course.

The Clicker Training College Courses

The courses are set up as a series of modules that you participate in via a virtual learning environment. The course consists of a foundation course which is a pre-requisite for the stand-alone modules that are also available.

Perfect for anyone and everyone in the horse world, whether you are a first time horse owner or long time horse trainer.

The courses teach a balanced approach to horse clicker training. Teaching us to be at ease with our horses and their personalities, understand and use ethical training techniques to improve their lives and, importantly, our relationship with them.

The knowledge about the science and nature behind clicker training is constantly evolving. We need at least a basic understanding of the science of clicker training to be able delve deeper in to this knowledge and that basic understanding acts as a solid foundation for our practical techniques.

We need to continually develop observational skills, of the environmental influences on as well as behavioural feedback from our animals. These courses will help you uncover these skills.

The courses are devised and written by Amanda Martin and, with permission from the author, follow the structure of Alexandra Kurland’s; The Click That Teaches Clicker Training.

Amanda has an extensive background with horses and clicker training. Her success as a clicker trainer and teacher is measured by the successes with her own horses and those of her client’s horses. This includes clients who, due to distance, Amanda has not been able to meet. Instruction has been given through these courses and the successes have evolved as a result.

Places for each module are limited to ensure everyone has time to ask questions, so booking early is definitely advised.

The Units

The Units can be studied individually. Live classroom notes, lesson material and any hand-outs will be available for students in the virtual classroom. Ideally the Units should be studied in order however these can be studied out of sequence depending on the student/horse needs.

Foundation Course

Individual Modules

Bookings and Enquiries to Amanda Martin;
Email: smaarthorses@gmail.com
Phone: 0777 196 5083