Module 11: Capture the Saddle

Module 11:  Capture the Saddle, The Mounting Block Lesson

Pre-requisite: Foundation course, Ground Manners and Happy Faces, Tai Chi Rope Handling, (Overcoming Fear, if required)
Course Duration: 3 weeks
AK Q&A Credits
: 3

Do you have a horse who won’t stand for mounting, scoots out from under you at the last minute, turns their bum away as you line them up ?  This course will get you on the right track to solve your problems.

If your horse may have issues with the mounting block, ridden work or tack then completion of the Overcoming Fear and the Power of Cues module would be recommended prior to completing this module.

Capture the saddle: The mounting Block Lesson teaches great mounting block manners, plus it sets the stage for single-rein riding.

Practical Exercises in this Unit: tai chi rope handling, capture the saddle.

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