Module 8: Three-Flip-Three (Lateral Work)

Module 8:  Three-Flip-Three; Understanding Lateral Flexion’s

Pre-requisite: Foundation course, Ground Manners and Happy Faces, Why Would You Leave Me
Course Duration: 2 weeks
AK Q&A Credits
: 2

If you can count to three, you can teach your horse lateral work.

When you follow the step by step lessons presented in this lesson series, that’s how easy it is to teach your horse lateral work. Lateral work helps to steady your horse emotionally; it creates soft, rideable gaits; and it helps to maintain your horse’s soundness.

Find out how to teach your horse lateral flexion’s using the Three-Flip-Three counted exercise in this module.

Practical Exercises in this Unit: why would you leave me, stand on a mat, tai chi rope handling.

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