Foundation Courses

Foundation courses are designed to get you started with positive reinforcement training and behavioural science. We will cover the basics of behavioural science and get you started with positive reinforcement training; how to charge the clicker, finding appropriate and meaningful ways to reinforce your learners behaviour and get you going with some life skill behaviours.

You will need to put aside 1h each fortnight to join the online live chat, plus at least 2 hours each week to complete your homework.  To get the most out of the course you should complete the homework and put in as much time as you can for training with your horse.  There are no tests or paperwork to complete for your homework, just feedback to me through the live chat so that I can be sure things are going in the right direction.

The course is 12 weeks long.  There are 6 units to complete and the units are opened every 2 weeks.  There is also a live online skype messaging chat every 2 weeks (see calendar or contact for course dates.

You will have access to an online classroom and will be assigned homework each unit.  Then you will join an online chatroom every 2 weeks.

  • Learn the nomenclature, essential training tools and foundation knowledge;
  • Equipment and usage: Leads ropes, halters, working with protective contact, pressure and release and how to use it in a clicker compatible way, safety first.
  • Nomenclature and getting started: learning theory background, positive reinforcement, how a reinforcer works; types of reinforcers; effective and safe delivery of a reinforcer, safety first.
  • Cues: what cues are, adding specific cues, cue discrimination.
  • Training strategies: Setting your horse up for success, avoiding and how to handle errors, finding solutions to problems; avoid, ignore, punish or address ? Basic skills of creating training plans and shaping behaviours
  • Effective communication skills: learning about training, listening to your horse, marking behaviour and taking breaks
  • Foundation Lessons: targeting, backing, grown-ups are talking, safety first.

Reading Material: With permission of Alexandra Kurland, we will follow Alexandra Kurlands book; The Click That Teaches, a Step By Step Guide in Pictures

Practical Exercises in this Unit: Targeting, backing, grown-ups are talking, safety first. Specific behaviours can also be discussed in the classrooms.

Equipment Required: Flat halter and normal lead rope (no heavy snaps)

Enquiries and Bookings to Amanda Martin:
Phone:  0777 196 5083
E-mail: Widgets