Horse Agility: Foundations

Positive Horse Agility: Setting the Foundations

Pre-requisite: None
Course Duration: 6 weeks
AK Q&A Credits
: 12

This programme will teach you techniques such as back chaining; proven in the dog agility world (and beyond) to be the most powerful way to train and which, critically, can only be used if you are training with positive reinforcement.  We will also teach you how to get your horse to see, understand and perform the detail required for each obstacle as well as many other techniques to make your horses performance on the agility course superior.

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Course Content

Module 1: Clicker Basics for Positive Horse Agility

In this first module you will learn no less than; what clicker training is, how to get started and theories behind why and how positive reinforcement works.

Practical Exercises in this Unit: treat delivery, targeting, backing, grown ups are talking.

Module 2: Ground Manners and Happy Faces

Pressure as a communication tool, Backing, Basic Leading: Foal handling and Ground Manners, The “Duct Tape” lesson, Putting an End to crowding: Lunging and Lateral Work, Understanding Balance.

Practical Exercises in this Unit: backing, grown-ups are talking revision, the “Duct Tape” lesson, happy faces, safety first.

Module 3: Stimulus Control

This module will provide you with the knowledge and skills to train behaviours to only happen on cue. It will also teach you to start to recognise when your horse is actively cueing you.

Stimulus control stabilizes behaviour and creates good manners. Cues act like green lights. They tell the horse which behaviour will earn him reinforcement at this particular moment.

When a behaviour is fully on cue, you are saying to your horse that you want the behaviour when you ask for it and ONLY when you ask for it. This module will teach you how to teach cues, and how to use them to create a mannerly, focused, happy horse.

When you hear the word “respect”, think stimulus control instead.

Practical Exercises in this Unit: backing, grown-ups are talking revision, stand on a mat, tai chi rope handling.

Additional Optional Modules

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