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If you can´t get to a clicker training clinic we can bring the training to your home through Clicker Training College

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Study At Home

With Online  Clicker Training College applied learning online courses you can learn how to use clicker training with your horse in the comfort of your home; no need to; travel your horse, take time off work or worry about family if you were away from home.

Learn Clicker Training through applied learning with homework set each week and live group online chat to talk through each weeks progress.  Set up your own support network and learn at a pace that will suit you and your horse.

Clicker Training College applied learning online clicker training courses offer exceptional equine educational opportunities to thousands of horse owners across the globe.

Dedicated Teacher

Amanda is dedicated to offering training excellence through online Clicker Training College applied learning while, at the same time, keeping the courses affordable and easily digestible for students of all levels. Whether you are starting out with horses or clicker training, or have been around horses and clicker training for years there is always something new to learn at online Clicker Training College.

Live Tuition !

Each week of the course everyone on the course joins a live online chat where we discuss the training and each persons progress.  These chats are an invaluable part of the course.

Video Feedback

Video feedback is offered as part of the price of the course.  Each week you can submit video of you training with your horse.  Your dedicated instructor will assess your training and provide you with constructive feedback to help your training progress.

Small Classes for Optimal Learning

Clicker Training College applied online clicker training courses have limited numbers of students per class.  This ensures we can tailor each course to suit the students enrolled.  So no matter what your training needs are, you are sure to have them met through the Online Clicker Training College courses.

Foundation Course Plan

The Foundation Course consists of 6 units and it runs over 12 weeks.  There is the option to have access to the training material alone, or you can also take part in the live chats every 2 weeks.

Foundation Course Price

The fee for access to the course material is £45 per person per course.  For access to the course material and to participate in the live chats every fortnight is £75.

Progressive Training

The Online Clicker Training College applied clicker training courses are progressive taking you from getting started, teaching you basic theory (why and how things work) and take you right through to advanced clicker training theory and behaviour with your horse.  The primary aim of the Online Clicker Training College applied clicker training courses is teach you how to apply the principles of clicker training at home on your own; we teach you ‘clicker training tools’ so that no matter what you are doing you have the tools in your training toolbox to teach the behaviour you would like.

Real Life Training

The Online Clicker Training College applied clicker training courses are packed with real life training videos, articles to read and more.  Each week the class meets online to discuss progress with the assigned  homework, answer questions and develop your knowledge of the work.

To find out more about the various Online Clicker Training College applied clicker training courses please visit the pages for each course level, or email smaarthorses@gmail.com.  If your needs are more specific you may wish to consider 1-2-1 training which offers a tailor-made training package to suit your needs.

If the time zones for the scheduled courses don´t suit, let us know at smaarthorses@gmail.com and we will do our best to offer courses that suit your time zone.

To enquire about or to book a place on one of the online courses please contact Amanda:
Email:  smaarthorses@gmail.com
Phone: 0777 196 5083

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